Some Nuances of Storytelling Every Writer Should Know

Storytelling is art in itself. No story can be beautiful if you do not tell it the way it should go. There is always flow in case of storytelling. You cannot say a certain part before another. The story should have a flow, or else it loses its essence. It is very important to maintain the sequence to tell your listener or reader understand the feelings and meaning behind your story. Your words should be expressive enough to make the audience imagine their world. Stories are the escape route from the real world. As a storyteller, you possess a great responsibility to create a whole new world for the audience. The timings, expressions and flow are the major ingredients in a perfect story.

Before you start telling the incidents in the story, it is essential that you give the context of the story. The first ten lines are the most important part of the story. That is where you capture reader’s attention. If you miss these ten lines, you lose the reader. It is very important that your introduction is powerful to hold the reader.

Always make sure to introduce your character well. It is nice to keep some mysterious aura around your characters. But make sure it is interesting enough for your readers. Do not casually use something that is unnecessary.

The structure of the story is very important. The structure is the spine of a story. Without that there is no story. Build up the story structure before anything else. Here is where the flow comes in the account. The story should be smooth. The transitions should be on point, or else it will seem like a chunk of paragraphs and words. The structure should be well thought.

Languages are one of the keys to a good story. The words used in the story should be well enough. The words should not be too complicated or too simple. It should be a balance. If it is not, readers might lose their interest. Grammar is main. Make sure what you wit reis grammatically perfect or else the grammar Nazis will definitely criticise.

Feedback is very important. Never go all out with your story without knowing the opinion of at least two or three people. It is very important to have a viewpoint other than yours because that will help you to analyses the points that you might have overlooked or must have thought ok while writing the story. Never hesitate to take extra help. But also remember the story is yours not anybody else’s so do not mould everything.

The conclusion is the most important part of any story. This is where your story is judged the most. It is very very important that you pay double attention to this aspect. Wrap your story well or else the whole thing does not make any sense. The conclusion should not be hurried or late. You can keep it ambiguous but make it understandable. Many awesome stories fail because they can’t convey until the end.

These are the few points that you should keep in mind while storytelling.