How to Supplement Your Income With a Side Hustle

The cost of life has skyrocketed, and many families struggle to meet because the main job does not sufficiently cater to everything. You likely have heard about hundreds of side hustles out there, but your needs, skills, and preferences set the difference between you and the rest and inform what you will settle for. That said, here are some excellent side hustle tips that will help supplement your income, especially during this quarantine period when nuts are tightening everywhere.


  1.   Sell items online

Most of us have some junk item(s) in the house that are no longer used. Why not turn such into a few bucks to supplement your income by selling them through online platforms like Amazon, Craiglist, and eBay? If you don’t have much to deal with, you could try drop shopping, whereby you work as a sales agent for such platforms and earn through commission. 


  1. Drive other people

Do you have a car with four doors? If yes, then you have a chance to supplement your income quickly. In the morning, you might use it to travel to your place of work and in the afternoons and evenings, use it for driving people around. Not everyone has a car, and that’s why companies like Lyft and Uber now make money by driving people. You could register with them and supplement your income with your vehicle. 


  1. Run errands for people

If you have a fixed work schedule, you likely know which days or what time of the day finds you free, and you can use them to supplement your income. For instance, you could run errands for people in the afternoons and evenings after concentrating on your primary source of income. 

Arranging a house, putting up picture frames, doing shopping, moving furniture, and doing dishes are some of the errands you can do and earn extra cash. In fact, most college students who work a few hours a day run errands for people as their main side hustle and use the money to pay off their student loans.


  1. Blog about your interest

Blogging is increasingly becoming rewarding, especially because information and technology have advanced, and people have access to the internet like never before. Suppose you choose your niche well and deal in relevant content. In that case, you will heap traffic, and the site will pay, primarily through affiliate links and advertisements. All you need to do is a few bucks to get a domain name and web hosting. Some hosting providers like Bluehost charge as little as $2.99 per month, and you can always upgrade as your site grows.


  1. Deliver packages

You might have a car, but you don’t like ferrying people around. Still, you can supplement your income by delivering goods and packages to the owners. As you get more clients, you will be earning more. Try companies like Shipt, InstantCart, and Amazon Flex and register to deliver packages after your introductory course of the day.


  1. Walk dogs and sit pets

If you love pets like dogs, cats, and birds, you could try pet sitting or dog walking as a side hustle to boost your income. What’s more, many companies specialize in connecting pet owners with people who can sit and walk them for pay. For instance, Rover connects people to pet owners who want someone to walk their dogs. So imagine that by walking a dog for 20 minutes only, you can earn as much as $30, making them one of the lucrative side hustles.


  1.   Edit and fix people’s resumes 

People are seeking jobs every other day, and most, if not all, need their resumes fixed to look better and help them stand a chance before their potential employers. Therefore, you could edit and restore such documents as a side hustle and even help individuals better their LinkedIn profiles. Start by posting your skills on Facebook while charging low, and as you improve, do Fiverr listing and attract better charges.


  1. Teach English or any international language

Learning a new language is fun. More people are interested in learning and practicing English, French, Chinese, German, and many other languages. Why not try doing so during your free time and earn from $10 to $25 per hour? What’s more, there are many companies out there that can connect you to clients, including iTALKI, iTutorGroup, VIPKID, QKIDs, and DaDa. Some even have bonuses which you will qualify for as you earn more experience and get good ratings from students.


  1. Be a tutor to students in college and schools

Whether in elementary and high schools, college, or university, you will find students who struggle to understand a particular subject or lack basic study skills. Why not become a tutor and help such students boost their grades as you increase your income? Chegg app has helped many people connect with such students, and you can be among the fortunate guys. What’s more, such apps allow flexibility, meaning that everything will fit into place with proper planning.


  1.               Offer people professional services 

Are you good with accounts, numbers, designs, or Microsoft Windows packages? You could use these skills as a side hustle by using them to offer people professional services. For example, you could create an account with Thumbtack or TaskRabbit and advertise yourself locally, standing a chance to win local gigs. It doesn’t have to be technical; you could even fix people’s drainages and sinks or offer plumbing services.


  1.                 Explore virtual assistance

Research requires virtual assistance, and you could make this your side hustle to supplement your income. For instance, are you versed in email services, data entry, SPSS skills, and the likes? Register with Upwork or Remotask and get a side hustle of your niche to sustain yourself and a family if you have one.


The bottom line

As the economic situation keeps changing and the living cost skyrockets, you might find it appealing to try a side hustle to supplement your income. Since there are so many options, you might get confused about what to do. However, your needs, skills, preferences, and schedule will help you decide what fits you. 

Rose Rosie is a writer for the personal finance website, Joy Wallet, which provides readers with useful information, resources, and tools to help maximize their financial fitness.