Why Writers need to be Reading Children’s Books Before Publishing a Book

Why Writers need to be Reading Children’s Books

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One of the things that new children’s writers sometimes fail to do is read a lot of children’s books. Many consider themselves beyond such books, and instead plan to rely on their knowledge and experience reading them as a child. But this is actually a terrible idea. It doesn’t matter if you enjoy writing middle grade, YA or picture books; you should enjoy reading those books as well and be doing so as an adult. Let’s take a look at some of the advantages and reasons why you should be reading children’s books as a writer.

Children’s Books Are Fun

The first reason to read children’s books within your category, for example middle grade if that’s what you enjoy writing, is because children’s books are fun. If you are planning to write for children and you do not enjoy reading within your genre or category, you are not going to be very successful. Pick up a book and read it to remember how much joy you got from reading them as a kid.

You’ll Be Able to Learn from Other Writers

Another advantage that writers who read a lot of children’s books get is the ability to learn from some of the best writers in the business. Contrary to popular belief, writing for children in any category is not easier than writing for adults. In fact, many adult writers find it more difficult to write for children. But you can learn from some of the best if you read children’s books yourself.

You’ll Know What Stories Have Been Told

Telling the same story that someone else is already told – possibly better than you – means that you are going to get your book rejected by editors and kids are not going to want to read it because they have already read a similar story. Make sure you know what is already out there so that you do not repeat a story that someone else is already told.

You’ll Learn How Kids Today Talk

Kids today may not talk the way that they did when you were a kid. Listening to kids talk today is the best way to learn, but reading fiction that is written for today’s children will also give you some great lessons on how kids think and talk. This is especially important for writers who do not have kids themselves or do not interact with kids on regular basis.

You’ll be More Motivated to Write Your Own Books

Reading great children’s books can motivate you to write your own books. If you are planning to write in the middle grade category, and in the fantasy genre, then you absolutely have to read the Harry Potter series. Harry Potter is probably one of the most inspiring book series ever written and many people have become writers simply because they read that series. Reading good books inspires you to create good books. That’s a simple fact of writer physics that you should take to heart before you publish your own books.