How to Get Your Book Published

Getting a book published can appear complex, but it becomes much easier once you have the whole process broken down into smaller steps.

The process can also get lengthy sometimes, it isn’t easy or quick, but you just have to be patient enough to get that done. And once you get it done, all the hard work will be worth it.

Here are some of the steps that one needs to follow to get their book published.

  1. Complete the book

The book should be ready in such a way that if it hits the shelves today, it doesn’t seem out of place. Make sure you have edited out any grammatical or spelling mistakes, and the plot errors are checked.

You may want to get it reviewed by someone else and incorporate the changes which feel right to make the book perfect from your end. Or, you can use Grammarly for a cheap and somewhat effective alternative. If you need help with using Grammarly, hit up IT Services NYC.

  1. Find an agent

Agents usually are open to the type of work they specialise in and might not accept any other kind because of factors like personal interest or contact with publishers in the areas of their specialisation.

Thus, one must do a lot of research on agents before approaching them with their work. List of agents can be found by scouring the web for other writers’ experiences.

Shortlist some who you feel might be interested in your book.

  1. Writing the query letter

The query is the initial point of contact with the agent and must provide some information about the writer, the expected audience for the book and about the book.

A well-written synopsis helps gain the interest of the agent. It should not be more than a paragraph or two and must give an idea of the theme and plot of the book.

Crisp and to the point, it must not give away too much about the plot. It must be free of errors, professional, and succinct.

  1. Approach multiple agents

Submitting to one agent at a time might just take years to publish your book.

So, though you must contact more than one agent at a time making sure they get an impression that you contact them specifically.

It is suggested that one shortlists at least five to ten agents they might want to approach.

  1. Be Patient

Grabbing the attention of an agent might take a long time.

So, make sure you are patient.

After many rejections, you might want to give up but don’t.

See if you want to make some amendments to the query letter or synopsis or have a professional give you feedback on the same.

  1. Choose your agent

Accept the offer when it comes. If it is more than one, then pick whichever seems best.

You must avoid trying to reduce the offered rate actively.

Being difficult from the start might simply make them move to the next.

  1. Discuss and Edit

Agents are experienced, and thus one must take their constructive feedback on their work.

It is also important to create a balance between the change requests by your agent and the degree to which you are prepared to alter your work.

  1. Be Patient

Agents too might submit to multiple publishers at once. And sooner or later they will find a publisher for your book. So, just be patient.

    9. Choose your publisher

Take the offer if you like it. In case of an online self-publishing platform, if you have two or more offers, use it to negotiate for upfront payments or percentage of sales.

Actual negotiating will be done by the agent since he is a professional. So, trust your agent. But make sure you understand the terms of signing.

  1. Discuss and edit

Publishers will have their ideas just like the agent. Be grateful for the feedback but ensure to maintain the balance between the change requests and the degree to which you are prepared to alter your work.

And you’re done. Getting a book published may be difficult, but it is worth it.

10 Tips When Writing a Memoir

There is a lot of information out there about writing, and there is also some information about writing memoirs. But much of the information about writing a memoir is pretty basic. If you are planning on writing one, then you definitely need to learn as much as you can about how the process is accomplished. That’s why we have come up with these 10 tips for writing a memoir that you may not find anywhere else. Crack open a hot meal in a microwave, and let’s talk writing.

  1. Make sure that you know what a memoir actually is. Remember that it is not an autobiography but is instead a slice of life or a series of them.
  2. Make the characters in your memoir larger-than-life. You can exaggerate certain qualities or behaviors that will make these characters live in your readers mind.
  3. Focus on telling the truth when writing a memoir. Be brutally honest with your readers. Don’t gloss over things that you are embarrassed about because they might be the very things that make your memoir great.
  4. Make your memoir about truth. The best memoirs are the ones that allow people to learn things about themselves that they wouldn’t have seen if they hadn’t read the memoir.
  5. While you want people to take life lessons from your memoir, you don’t want to be preachy or try to put specific lessons in. Make sure that there is no in-your-face morality or preaching in your book.
  6. Write a memoir that you think you would like to read even if it was not about you. If it is compelling and interesting to you when you look at it objectively, then it is something that other people will want to read as well.
  7. Concentrate on a single seminal event in your life. Pick something that changed your life forever. Sometimes, this is a series of events, but there is always one event that is more prominent than the rest.
  8. Make sure that you are recalling details from your life correctly and check out things like diaries or the memories of other people that were there with you for accuracy.
  9. Sometimes you have to fictionalize your memoir to protect people. But sometimes, embellishing facts a little bit can actually tell a better story. Think about Jean Shepherd’s memoir In God we Trust, All Others Pay Cash which the holiday film A Christmas Story was based upon. Some of those details were very likely embellished.
  10. Getting a memoir published can be pretty difficult. That’s why you need the writing to be absolutely amazing. Consider hiring a ghostwriter to write your memoir if you are not able to write well enough to ensure that it gets published. Even if your story is amazing, no publisher will want it if the writing isn’t good enough.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that writing a memoir is hard, but with these tips you may have an easier time with it. You should visit if you want more information on publishing a memoir.